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Advertorial: The most modern approach to learning a language is spending time abroad. This may seem like an extreme measure to take, but it is actually the most efficient. Whether enrolling in a language course is personal or professional, the benefits of a language last a lifetime. Contrary to popular beliefs, there is a sizable gap between taking a language course locally and booking a trip abroad. Community courses usually last one to two hours per week, and afterwards there is often no opportunity to speak in the target language. Unfortunately those two hours of hard work often become a distant memory each week. However, completing the same language course abroad enables language acquisition to self- progress. Normal, every day activities like grocery shopping and riding the metro suddenly become practical application exercises, where a person is forced to speak in the target language. What better way to do homework than by doing things that are familiar and enjoyable?

Likewise, grammar exercises, reading, and speaking activities should not be underestimated. Classrooms lay the foundation and understanding for acquiring a language, but practical application is often the determinant factor in being able to use a language in the future. A language course should use grammar, reading, and speaking activities to focus on communication. When communicating with a native speaker of another language emphasis is not placed on pristine grammar usage, but the ability to appropriately communicate in whatever situation may be at hand. International Projects is a company that stresses communication and application in language acquisition. This high emphasis on communication is the most goal of any language course abroad.

With these details in mind, language learners should look beyond the comfort of learning a foreign language locally and make that extra leap to enrol in a language course abroad.

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