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Advertorial: Have you ever come across a multilingual youngster? A child who could speak two or more languages natively? Children whose parents don’t share the same native language have an opportunity to develop as a native speaker in two languages at a very young age. Why? They are exposed to the language in its most natural setting, with a native speaker. Early on language development not only helps a child break through language learning barriers, but in today’s globalized world it opens doors at an early age.

So what about everyone else? Well even if parents share the same native language, there is nothing stopping them from enrolling their children in extra language course. Children and teens have a capacity to learn quickly and efficiently that leaves the rest of adults in awe. English courses for kids offer a fun and exciting environment to learn a new language through what they do best – playing. Or for slightly older participants they have the ability to learn through games and interactive activities. English courses for kids often involve singing, dancing, playing games, making crafts, and role playing. They have the ability to escape into their fantasy world and learn English at the same time. While teens require a slightly more mature approach of interaction, their capacity to absorb language is also astounding.

However, instead of just enrolling kids in a local English program, parents should consider courses offered in countries where English is spoken natively, like Great Britain. What better way for a kids and teens to fully experience the English language than to be exploring a new landscape with other international pupils who would like to learn English as well? International Projects is a tour operator that offers many of these exciting courses for kids focusing on fun while learning English.

So when looking for something fun and “cool” to fill those school holidays with, parents should look ahead and allow their kids to get a jump start on learning English.

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